Sabine Asgodom: Coaching My Way

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25 Surprising Impulses Which Pave the Road to Success

Sabine Asgodom is one of the most acclaimed management coaches in Germany. This book, which is finally available in English, offers practical insights and recommendations as to how to successfully coach: What problems need to be solved? How can you come up with new ideas? How can you define worthwhile goals? What strategies should you consider? How can conflicts with others be resolved?

In „Coaching My Way“ Sabine Asgodom describes her SOFTCo method (Solution Oriented Fast Tip Coaching). In this book you’ll find 25 practical, individually adaptable coaching impulses which are effective in both private and professional surroundings. Each and every one of these are essential building blocks in Sabine Asgodoms method for coaching clients. Concrete examples are offered to show how you can quickly initiate step-by-step development. Valuable advice is given to prepare you for the ins and outs of both coaching others and self-coaching.

A self-assessment test is included that allows you to see if you could be a good coach for friends, relatives and colleagues.

About the Author:

Sabine Asgodom, CSP, is one of the most acclaimed management coaches in German-speaking countries. In 1999, while working successfully as a journalist, she founded her own company „Asgodom Live“ in Munich, Germany. Currently, Sabine Asgodom teaches self-PR at the University of Cooperative Education in Heidenheim and at GSA University. The „Financial Times Germany“ has called her the „Trainer of Managers“, ranking her among the 101 most important women of German Business.

Sabine Asgodom is acclaimed for her accomplishments as a trainer for a variety of companies and associations, frequently speaking at seminars and workshops, coaching executives towards success in politics, economy and even showbiz, and performing as a popular keynote speaker at conferences and events throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In 2012 she founded the „Asgodom Coach Academy“ for the coaches of tomorrow and for those who wish to improve their coaching skills. From 2015 on she will also offer coach-training courses in English.

In 2009 Sabine Asgodom earned her „Certified Speaking Professional“ certification at the International Federation for Professional Speakers IFFPS. She was the first keynote speaker from Continental Europe to gain this honor. Sabine Asgodom has written 30 books which have been translated into numerous languages and over a half million copies have been sold.

Dieses eBook ist die englischsprachige Ausgabe des bekannten Buches von Sabine Asgodom „So coache ich“.


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Erscheinungsdatum: 27.06.2014

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